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Experience and Professional Expertise Wilusa Travel Agency is run by a team of enthusiastic young professionals dedicated to offering a h...
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Experience and Professional Expertise

Wilusa Travel Agency is run by a team of enthusiastic young professionals dedicated to offering a high standard of service. Although Wilusa was officially set up in 2006, most of our staff have been involved in tourism in this region for many years, some of them since childhood. We are proud to have the services of the most experienced and knowledgeable local guide, Kenan Çelik, MA, OAM (Order of Australia). The Wilusa team is local; we have an intimate acquaintance with the inspiring, meaningful, and beautiful sites of the Dardanelles area. We do not always use the same guide, but you can depend that whoever comes along with you will be fully certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, fluent in English, and familiar with the area. The regular tours shown in the ‘Tour Options’ menuing are conducted in English, and German on request. We also do group tours in Turkish, especially for school and youth groups. (photos: Sevil, Helen of Troy)

What does ‘Wilusa’ mean?

‘Wilusa’ comes from the name that the Hittites, an advanced civilisation living in Central Anatolia in the X century AD, gave to our city of Ilium (or Ilios), as Troy was called in ancient times. Troy-Wilusa can therefore be considered an indigenous Anatolian city. 


Our main focus is on tours and trips around this region. However, we can organise tours to anywhere in Turkey and have taken groups to Bulgaria and Tibet. On top of this, we can also arrange:

  • Hotel/hostel reservations anywhere in Turkey.
  • Bus and flight tickets to all destinations within Turkey or abroad.
  • Car hire
  • Restaurant reservations in Çanakkale and nearby.
  • Evening entertainment - music, folk dancing, belly dancing...

Whether you’re travelling on a budget, with your family, in a rented vehicle, or want to join a group tour and need some travel information, just give us a call or send a message and we’ll do our best to help. There is always someone in the office to answer your questions.

Private Tours

We recognise the some visitors to Turkey may be travelling under their own steam or want the exclusivity of a tour more suited to their own programme. It may also be difficult to find a regular daily tour during the quiet months (November through March) when visitors are few. We are therefore able to accommodate requests for private guided tours to Gallipoli or Troy, and other places if you wish.

  • Head Office

    Kemal Paşa Mahallesi,
    Yalı Caddesi No:4/A

    Çanakkale / Türkiye

    Tel: +90 530 174 11 77
    Email: [email protected]

    Swim Office Coordinator: [email protected]

    Kas Office

    Kücük Cakıl Mh. ,
    07580 Kas / Antalya

    Tel: +90 530 174 11 77

  • Edremit Office

    Suzan Terzioğlu
    İş Merkezi
    Edremit / Balıkesir / Türkiye

    Tel: +90 266 374 07 00
    Tel: +90 530 174 11 77


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